Smart School Kitchens Expand to 50 More Schools


To many school cooks in Haiti, the picture to the right is a portrait of their workspace. However, the cooks won't be able to say this statement for long with the expansion of World Central Kitchen's Smart School Kitchen project. WCK and partner organization CESAL are building fifty more Smart School Kitchens in Ganthier, one of the poorest areas of Haiti.

The Smart School Kitchens will provide a daily meal for the students, which acts as an incentive for the students to attend school. WCK and CESAL will install clean cook stoves and train the cooks in food safety and sanitation. These initiatives will dramatically improve the lives of over 3,000 children and 125 school cooks affected by the new expansion.

In addition to installing clean cook stoves and training in food safety and sanitation, World Central Kitchen will build new kitchen and dining structures, and renovate dining and kitchen facilities. WCK will also provide the schools with water source analysis, kitchen design/layout plans, stainless steel prep tables and kitchen racks.

The expansion will take place over the next four years. In 2016, WCK will establish Smart School Kitchens in twelve schools.