Student Highlight: Jean-Claude Michel

Jean-Claude Michel has always been extremely creative. After high school, he focused on establishing himself as a freelance photographer and even and taught himself how to create and produce videos, like this one he made for Ecole des Chefs:

In addition to photography, Jean-Claude has always been interested in cooking. He's been cooking at home for a long time, growing up preparing meals for his mother, younger brother (12), and sister (10). Then, a year ago, he met Paul Nixon Berge, an Ecole des Chefs alumnus. Paul is now a chef at a restaurant in Port-au-Prince, and he continues to work with World Central Kitchen as a Sink to Stove trainer and occasional assistant teacher at the school when Chef Misol needs an extra pair of hands. 

Jean-Claude Michel

Inspired by Paul, Jean-Claude became interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts. In an effort to learn more about Ecole des Chefs, he began going to the school on occasions to take picture and create videos for the Facebook page. He never asked for any kind of payment for his work, he just wanted to opportunity to see what the culinary school was all about.

Earlier this year, Chef Misol encouraged Jean-Claude to take the school's admissions test. He did very well and was accepted to the program. However, he was unable to afford tuition. Fortunately - World Central Kitchen received a grant for a student scholarship from Tourism Cares, and Chef Misol was happy to award it to Jean-Claude in recognition for his enthusiasm, dedication, and early efforts to learn all he could about the culinary arts. He is now enrolled in the class that began at the beginning of the month.

We’d like to thank Tourism Cares for their support, and encourage any other groups who might be interested in sponsoring a culinary school student like Jean-Claude or the school itself to contact us.