Chef Network Guest Class with Taylor Gourmet at Dog Tag Bakery

side-photo-dog-tagLast week, Casey Patten, Founder of Taylor Gourmet, visited Dog Tag Bakery to teach the Dog Tag Fellows about his experience as an entrepreneur and chef. At the guest demo, Casey talked about starting Taylor Gourmet and the lessons he learned from growing the business from 1 location to 11. While talking about his experiences as a business owner, he taught the Dog Tag Fellows how to make arancini (fried risotto balls).

This demo was part of World Central Kitchen’s ongoing partnership with Dog Tag Bakery. Dog Tag Bakery’s fellowship program empowers veterans and their families through hands-on business experience and offers business classes from Georgetown University.

Casey is a member of World Central Kitchen's Chef Network and has been a dedicated supporter of WCK through World Food Day and creating a Hoagie for Haiti that benefited WCK's projects in Haiti.