Training Haiti's Next Culinary Superstars with Wüsthof and Bragard

Peek inside the training kitchen at our Port-au-Prince Culinary School in Haiti and you'll find 16 students hard at work. The technique and training required to become a professional chef is extensive, but at World Central Kitchen's Culinary School, our students are well equipped thanks to Wüsthof chef-grade knives.  Each student received a Wüsthof knife kit and Bragard chef jacket on their first day of class, giving them the tools they need to learn in the classroom and beyond. These knives and coats increase our students' professionalism and pride in their craft.

Thanks to our expert chef training and professional equipment, 100% of our students (most of which are women) are placed in internships following graduation, and 70% are offered jobs in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Thank you to Wüsthof and Bragard for helping to empower Haiti's next generation of chefs!