Victoire Cadet is ready to change her life

Victoire Cadet is ready to change her life and the lives of those around her at the new Culinary School for Girls at Elie Du Bois.  This World Central Kitchen project will empower women in Haiti by teaching them professional culinary skills, life skills, food safety, and overall hospitality.

In Port-au-Prince, the average non-educated female earns $500 per year through sales of items in the street, or housekeeping services - while the average graduate from our Culinary School at Elie du Bois is expected to earn five times that amount ($2,500 per year) with skilled labor that can elevate their lives dramatically.

On average, 70% of this revenue is trickled down into their families and into spin-off revenue (travel, food, clothing) that helps strengthen the entire economy.  Based on their average salary and spin-off revenue, an estimated 40 graduates per year will contribute $170,000 annually into the economy.  By year 3, the graduates of The Culinary School at Elie du Bois will have contributed more than $1 million into the economy, resulting in an important boost to their local communities.

Training these young girls for hospitality careers will not only create jobs, better salaries and professional attitudes, but will bring increased revenue to them, their families and all whose lives they touch.  Life changing investments like these last forever.

Help Change Lives Today by donating to World Central Kitchen. Help us reach our goal of $25,000. Better yet, every dollar you donate will be matched by our generous supporter in Port-au-Prince, Haiti- Jean Marc de Matteis.