Culinary Ambassadors in Nicaragua with Chef Victor Albisu

Victor Albisu in Nicaragua 2Chef Victor Albisu rolled out his knife kit in a familiar way this week, but in an unfamiliar place – one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua. Chef Albisu, co-owner and chef of Del Campo and Taco Bamba, visited Nicaragua with World Central Kitchen where he trained cooks in food safety, sanitation and professional cooking skills. Chef Albisu, a member of WCK’s Chef Network, started his trip in Cusmapa, the home to WCK’s newest project with Fabretto - where he shopped for food, trained and cooked with twenty local school cooks. They focused on food safety, sanitation, and knife skills as they prepared their first feijoada for the community.

After the training in Cusmapa, WCK and Fabretto traveled to Little Corn Island, a popular destination for Caribbean tourists. Here, Chef Albisu worked with ten cooks from nearby hotels and restaurants to help elevate their skills and share menu ideas.

This type of Culinary Ambassadorship from the Chef Network is crucial to improving safety, sanitation and skills around the world, while helping to improve the tourism industry and strengthening economies. Learn more about the World Central Kitchen Chef Network.