Supporting Smallholder Farmers in Haiti

This week, WCK Executive Director, Brian MacNair met with the Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) and got the opportunity to be a part of a tree planting project at a school in St. Michel, Haiti. The tree planting projects are part of SFA’s "Impact Farming" model, which sets up cooperatives and provides seeds, training, and equipment to small farmers in exchange for the planting and nurturing of trees on their property. SFA has already set photo[2]up 2 cooperatives (2000 farmers each) in Haiti, with plans to set up set up 5 more in the strongest agricultural areas of the country.

To help support the sustainability of these smallholder farmer cooperatives, World Central Kitchen will help create revenue generating projects within the framework of "Kaye Plantee" (farmers house). Each Kaye Plantee will house small businesses, such as a Community Kitchen/Bakery that will allow co-op members to sell food products.

WCK is in discussions with SFA about designing the food service portion of Kaye Plantees, and we are excited about the plans for the projects expansion as it supports smallholder farmers, their families, and the overall agricultural growth of Haiti.

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