WCK serves 10,000 meals in Nebraska after severe flooding

 Following the severe flooding in the Midwest, WCK activated #ChefsForNebraska to provide hot meals to those displaced or in need. 

WCK's Chef Relief Team landed in Nebraska earlier this week to assess the damage and need after large amounts of rainfall, combined with rapid snowmelt, caused catastrophic flooding in the region. The flooding in the Midwest has killed at least three people and left thousands more displaced. Estimates for the cost of damage have hit $3 billion.  

The team quickly identified a kitchen at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Fremont, Nebraska to begin cooking. On the first day of service, more than 1,000 hot and nutritious meals were delivered directly to impacted communities, including families currently living in hotels. 


There are areas in Nebraska that are still inaccessible by car. In response, the team mobilized a delivery on ATV. Local Nebraskans Jane and Greg strapped hot soup and sandwiches to the back of the ATV to feed 80 people in the States Lake neighborhood off Ridge Road.  

Additionally, WCK's team has been providing daily hot meals to the Resource Center in Fremont. The Resource Center acts as a central spot where families who have lost their homes and more can get help with supplies and services from local entities.  

The Chef Relief Team also met Pastora Cristina at Dios es Amor who has stepped up to feed her parishioners during this time of need. WCK has supported her efforts by providing the materials she needs to make their favorite meals, like the amazing caldo de pollo shown below.  

In relief operations, there are so many members of local community, like Jane, Greg, and Cristina, who step up to serve others. The WCK team is honored to be able to support these efforts and serve delicious meals with a warm smile.  

World Central Kitchen will continue to monitor the situation in the Midwest and provide meals. For updates, please follow #ChefsForNebraska on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.