WCK Chef Network: Serving Meals and Restoring Hope in Peru

This week World Central Kitchen's Executive Director Brian MacNair and WCK Chef Network members Victor Albisu (Del Campo) and Chris "Tamalito" Peña (Taco Bamba) traveled to the Huachipa District in Peru. In partnership with CESAL, the team has worked to provide meals and essential supplies to those hit hardest by the recent spring flooding. Over 100,000 people have been displaced due to the flooding and Huachipa, east of the capital, was one of the areas hit hardest. Many community members have completely lost their homes and are now living in tent communities set up by the government and other NGOs.

Thanks to your support, we raised the funds necessary to provide food for 10 community kitchens (ollas communes) for one month. This effort will allow 3,000 people to have a healthy meal as they rebuild their lives. In moments of chaos, being able to enjoy a hot meal means that there is one less thing these families have to worry about.

In addition to helping prepare meals, the WCK Chef Network team has helped to train 26 women in CESAL's culinary program in food safety and sanitation training. We look forward to continuing our work in Peru as we help these communities get back on their feet.

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