WCK Empowering Individuals: Jeannot Louis

wck feature story head At the age of nineteen, Jeannot Louis moved from Gros Morne to Port au Prince, Haiti where he worked as an assistant plumber to his cousin. After being introduced to Zamni Beni orphanage, Jeannot was part of the initial group of bakers who trained with World Central Kitchen chefs at Boulanjri Beni – an experience that marked the first time he had ever cooked.

Working at the bakery has given Jeannot a new skill, provides him with a steady income to support his two-year-old daughter, and the joy of giving the orphans and their customers a product that they can enjoy and appreciate. "My favorite part of working here is seeing the people’s faces when they taste the bread for the first time,” he says. “I’ve never had this kind of satisfaction at another job before.” Jeannot is just one of the WCK chefs who has been empowered to change his life through culinary training.

To learn more about Boulanjri Beni and our work in Port au Prince, please visit our Sustainable Bakery page.