WCK Fishes for Smart Solutions in Jacmel

JacmelThe waters off the coast of Jacmel, Haiti host a bounty of beautiful tuna, mahi mahi, and other desirable fish. World Central Kitchen's Executive Director, Brian MacNair, visited Jacmel this week and met with the local Fishermen Association to discuss improvements that can help increase food safety, sales, and profits for the town. The addition of a processing plant would allow Jacmel's fishermen to catch, process, and sell more fish than they are able to now. The fishermen would make around five times their current income, and the increased production would help to boost the local economy and support the surrounding communities.

WCK's Chef Network would train the plant staff in food safety/sanitation practices and and work to qualify the plant to be HAACP certified. Stay tuned for more updates on this smart solution using Chef expertise.