WCK serves 130,000 meals inside Venezuela as millions face hunger

Venezuela is facing what will soon become the worst refugee crisis in the world. Nearly 90% of families are living in poverty. More than 4 million have fled the country thus far, and the number is projected to hit 8 million next year, surpassing the number of refugees who have fled Syria amid the civil war.


Since February, WCK’s Chef Relief Team has been in Colombia, serving fresh meals to Venezuelan refugees who have fled their homes. Then, last month, we began cooking and serving meals inside Venezuela. The situation is extremely challenging. Venezuela experiences regular country-wide blackouts, fuel shortages, and hyperinflation. Our Relief Team has been focused on feeding children first, followed by pregnant and nursing mothers. Since our efforts began in July, we have served more than 130,000 meals to more than 60 locations in Caracas and the state of Zulia.


WCK is currently serving sandwiches, hot meals, and fruit to hospitals, churches, schools, and comedores (dining rooms) in the barrio of Petare. Petare is one of the most impoverished and underserved communities in South America. Once school begins again in September, we will expand to more locations to feed more children each day.

With a focus on feeding children, our relief team has met many kids who inspire us every day. Meet some of the kids we have the honor of serving here!

This is Melvin, who we met at our dining room in La Vega in Venezuela. He’s 10 years old and weighs just 45lbs due to malnutrition, which has delayed his growth. But now he is eating twice a day, and he told us he dreams of becoming a professional basketball player!

Meet Camila! She came to one of our dining rooms in Venezuela at risk of malnutrition. Her mother brings her everyday, and she’s learning habits like washing her hands, waiting in line, and even eating alone. Each day, her condition improves & we get to see her grow!


This is Mileika! She is one of the children we are feeding every day in Venezuela. Mileika lives in the Petare barrio with her family, including all her brothers. Her bright smile lifts our spirits every time we see her!


Our efforts in Venezuela would not be possible without the support of local organizations like the Wayuu Taya Foundation, Acción x Venezuela, Par por un Sueño, Bokitas, Alimenta a Venezuela, Alimenta a la Solidaridad, and Proyecto Nodriza.

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