WCK Sponsors Report on Agricultural Impact of Hurricane Maria

In partnership with J/PHRO and the Centro para la Conservación del Paisaje, World Central Kitchen is pleased to share a report on the impact of Hurricane Maria on the agricultural sector, which was presented at a Clinton Global Initiative Action Network meeting in Puerto Rico this month. This assessment outlines the impact of Hurricane Maria on forest cover and the agricultural sector, interviews with local and federal agencies on actions taken to support smallholder farmers, and priority areas to support moving forward. After serving over 3.6 million meals to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, WCK is committed to contributing to the recovery and resiliency of Puerto Rico in our next phase of support. Our small business grants have already helped to restart businesses damaged by the hurricane, and our smallholder farm grants are helping locally owned farms rebuild and expand.

We hope this study will continue to spark conversation about best practices in supporting communities following natural disasters. Download the full report here (available in both English and Spanish), and follow World Central Kitchen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.