World Central Kitchen Expands to Zambia: A Smart Kitchen and Bakery Project

From left to right: Moses Mumba (10 years old), Father Abraham, and Brian MacNair We are very excited about World Central Kitchen’s recent visit to the Coptic Mission in Zambia partnering with the OZ project (Orphans of Zambia) and Meant to Live Foundation. Our aim is to help Feed 250 orphan children healthy meals in their brand new school.

"This new school will allow us to educate and feed 250 children in one location…and World Central Kitchen's smart kitchen will allow us to feed them healthier food and train select students to bake breads and even run their own 'Bake shop.' " --Father Abraham, Coptic Mission

The Japanese embassy in Lusaka has provided a grant to build a new school for 250 children. At the same time, the Coptic Mission will use 26 acres of land outside of the city to plant vegetables and fruit, which will contribute to a healthier diet and generate revenue through the sale of surplus production. With the construction of this new school, WCK will invest in a smart kitchen that will help make healthier food as well as a bakery, which will generate revenue by selling their products. The Coptic Mission is a perfect match for WCK’s mission as together we aim to educate, feed and generate revenue for this school.