World Central Kitchen in Cambodia with Erik Bruner-Yang

World Central Kitchen's Executive Director, Brian MacNair, traveled to Cambodia last week. His travel partner: WCK Chef Network member and Maketto chef Erik Bruner-Yang. Brian and Erik were on a mission to help locals improve their health and nutrition through a partnership with Caring for Cambodia. Chef Erik, with his wife Seda Nak and members of his Maketto culinary team, taught cooking classes and offered tips on how to swap unhealthy ingredients, like MSG and sugar, for natural substitutes. Meanwhile, Brian provided food safety and sanitation training at five different schools in the area.

At the end of the trip, Chef Erik and Brian visited a local high school to talk about their own careers and to encourage students to enter careers that interest them. Several of the students said they wanted to be chefs someday. World Central Kitchen continues to improve the health of students and pave the way for future chefs around the globe.