World Food Day: 5 Ways The Power of Food Can Change the World

worldfoodday2013 Today is World Food Day. Here are 5 ways World Central Kitchen is using the power of food to change lives around the world:

Healthy Meals = Education: World Central Kitchen's smart school kitchen at Palmiste Tampe is serving healthy meals that are the impetus for children to go to school. The cost of the school year with a meal included each day, has become less than it costs to feed a child for that school year at home.

Growing Your Own Food = Healthier Children: At the smart school kitchen in Palmiste Tampe, World Central Kitchen is investing in a chicken farm and community garden that will allow trained members of the community to grow their own food - sustaining this school throughout the year.

Pain C'est la Force: "Bread is Strength" at Boulanjri Beni, where World Central Kitchen has built a bakery and trained the resident orphans on how to bake their own products. Sales have commenced and "bread is strength" through nourishment, empowerment and job creation.

Honey Production Changes Lives: In a small village in the Dominican Republic, World Central Kitchen has invested in a cooperative of 21 women that produce honey while elevating the quality OF life for their families.  By doubling their production and marketing their honey through new channels, the quality of life in the poorest area of the country will be drastically improved, while empowering the women of this village.

Food Preparation Strengthens the Economy: At the World Central Kitchen Culinary school at Elie du Bois, a full culinary school for young girls will empower young women in Haiti while creating quality hospitality staff for hotels and restaurants.  The school will not only train women in culinary skills, but will allow them to learn "service" and food service management as they run their own revenue-generating cafe.