New Bakery Supports Education for Orphan School in Zambia

Erica at Zambia Bakery for WebThis week, WCK went to our first project in Africa and trained bakers for our second smart school kitchen and bakery in Lusaka, Zambia. This bakery creates jobs, sells its bread to the community, and generates revenue for the Coptic Mission orphan school. The training, led by WCK’s Chef Network chef, Erica Skolnik (head baker of Frenchies Artisan Pastries and Desserts in DC), taught new skills that will provide a sustainable revenue stream that will provide an education for nearly 200 orphans that would normally not attend school.

Erica, and the WCK team, trained four bakers on baking three different kinds of bread using Erica’s recipes specifically designed for this bakery. The bakers were also trained in food safety and sanitation and use of the new kitchen equipment for general meal preparation.

"I really am amazed. The students are so quick to learn and they are thirsty for knowledge."Erica Skolnik