Social Enterprise Partnerships

Increasing income and creating sustainable jobs.


Chefs are more than just creators - they are business leaders and entrepreneurs as well. WCK brings this expertise to its support of a variety of small food ventures, with the goal of helping them grow their capacity and achieve sustainability.

Through these social enterprise collaborations, we've helped to create jobs, bolster local micro-economies, and provide a model of sustainable food sector partnerships in the developing world.

Boulanjri Beni Bakery

Opened in 2012 with Partners in Health in Haiti, Boulanjri Beni not only creates meaningful jobs for the community in Croix des Boquettes, but also provides fresh bread and a revenue stream for the Zanmi Beni Orphanage.

Pwason Beni Restaurant

Launching off the success of Boulanjri Beni, our Pwason Beni fish restaurant opened soon after. The professional kitchen serves meals to orphanage staff and the community while generating revenue for Zanmi Beni through catering services.

Smart Roast Coffee

Working with our partner Fabretto, WCK invested in roasters, packaging equipment and training for farmers to roast and package their own coffee in Nicaragua – a process called origin roasting. The project has increased the income of coffee farmers and their families by 400%.