José and WCK Relief Team in The Bahamas ahead of Category 5 Hurricane Dorian


World Central Kitchen’s Chef Relief Team initially deployed to Florida on Thursday evening to prepare for Hurricane Dorian. After tracking the storm’s trajectory, it became clear there was going to be a great need in The Bahamas. Today, there have been sustained winds in excess of 185 mph, making Hurricane Dorian is the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Northern Bahamas.

While we have teams stationed and ready to activate kitchens in areas around Florida, and even preparing for a response in the Carolinas, Chef José and other Relief Team members are currently in Nassau, Bahamas as the catastrophic Category 5 hurricane is hitting the islands. Nassau is south of where Hurricane Dorian is centered, so our team in safe and ready to begin cooking as soon the storm passes.

WCK’s Chef Relief Team is currently mapping out our operations for Great Abaco and Grand Bahama. As soon as we are able to reach the islands after Hurricane Dorian passes, our team will begin cooking and serving meals to those in need. What you can see in the maps below are shelter locations along with kitchens WCK will use for cooking, pending damage.

With kitchens identified, our team has planes and boats of supplies ready to when we are able to move in. We will continue to post updates on our efforts related to Hurricane Dorian here, and for real-time information, please follow WCK on Twitter.

World Central Kitchen