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Emergency Food Relief

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For our food relief efforts, WCK activates our Chef Relief Team, comprised of professional chefs, logistics experts, and other specialists to establish and oversee the emergency kitchens we operate after a disaster.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without amazing volunteers, most of whom are locals from the communities we are serving. Some people do drive or fly in to assist, but they do so at their own cost and by making their own arrangements.

We train our volunteers on the lines, and can use people with commercial cooking experience, 4×4 vehicles to help with food purchases and deliveries, and anyone willing to serve a fresh meal with a smile.

In many cases, we welcome children accompanied by adults. Different emergency relief kitchens will have varying capacity to accommodate our younger helpers.

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Puerto Rico


At this time, WCK is not operating any kitchens in Puerto Rico. Rather, we offer volunteers the opportunity to work for a day or two, or longer if logistics permit, at smallholder farms that are partner grantees of our Plow to Plate program. Participating farms are located throughout the island. Tasks may include anything that happens on a farm, including plowing, harvesting, clearing new fields for planting, feeding goats, seeding, etc.

We can generally accommodate volunteers of all ages, from 8 to 88, and individuals to groups of 20 (more in special circumstances).

Because farm work is dependent on the season and weather, we generally schedule farm assignments 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time. Volunteers generally coordinate their own transportation to the farms and their own lodging — either in San Juan or in the community served. Contact us to learn more!