Two Years Later: Remembering #ChefsForPuertoRico

Today marks two years since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. When José flew down to see how World Central Kitchen could help, we had no idea what #ChefsForPuertoRico would become. What started as serving meals from a friend's restaurant in Santruce, turned into mobilizing a network of chefs and more than 20,000 volunteers to serve nearly 4 million meals across the island. The spirit, resilience, and dedication of the Puerto Rican people who showed up each day to feed their neighbors forever changed World Central Kitchen and the way we approach disaster relief efforts.

After arriving just a few days after the hurricane hit, José quickly activated a kitchen to begin serving meals.

The operation grew quickly, and 5 days after we started cooking, we were serving 12,000 meals a day.

And after just 3 weeks, #ChefsForPuertoRico served its 1 millionth meal.

Now two years later, we find ourselves in The Bahamas, cooking again alongside many of the Puerto Rican chefs who made our efforts after Hurricane Maria possible. And we have seen once more a community come together for their neighbors during the most challenging times.


“I think I am very lucky, because when I’ve been in a disaster situation, I get to see the best of humanity coming forward to help. When there are moments of tragedy, natural disasters, what you see is that people only care about helping each other in those moments. So I’m lucky to see the best of humanity, and then I can speak up about it, and people come" -José

WCK remains committed to Puerto Rico, working to increase food security through our Plow to Plate program. To date, we have invested nearly $1 million in smallholder farms & businesses that support local agriculture, and we will announce our next round of grantees this fall.

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