WCK Responds To Refugee Crisis in Tijuana

It's been a long journey for over 6,000 migrants traveling to seek asylum in the United States. Fleeing poverty, violence, and instability, they have endured so much in an attempt to seek a better life for themselves and their children. But those who have arrived in Tijuana face an uncertain future. With wait times of up to two months for an interview for asylum, these refugees have no homes or means of providing for their families. The largest shelter in Tijuana was closed this weekend because of the squalid living conditions.

WCK's Chef Relief Team has set up a feeding operation in the newest shelter, El Barretal. We're serving over 3,500 hot meals every day to those living here, many of which are women and children like Jorge, who's been helping us serve meals.  Jorge, who's just 14, left Guatemala with his father because their lives were at risk — he barely had time to say goodbye to his mother. Despite the hardship he's faced, Jorge has big dreams, including hoping to attend school soon.

We're honored to be able to provide the comfort of a hot meal to Jorge and thousands of others, and you can join us! Donate below to support our ongoing work, and follow #ChefsForThePeople on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.